Frequantly asked Questions

Do you offer a payment plan?

What happens after we book with you?

Do you offer / cover SEO?

How long does the process take?

What if I only want a logo?

ABSOLUTELY! We do! We always require a 20-30% non refundable down payment for every project. And the remaining balance can be broken into payments or paid in full right before your project is complete. We are very understanding and try to work with everyone as best as we can!

Well, we need you to be fully ready for collaboration! We need all homework completed by the deadline we give you, and we need your time management! This means checking your email frequently to check for any updates or drafts awaiting feedback! This way your project is streamlining perfectly!

Yes we do! One thing that makes us different here at twenty7daisies is we want your site to not only be beautiful but also  work for you. A lot of designers focus on design only but we want to offer a full service so we can be a one stop shop and cover all your needs.

It totally depends on the scope of the project and the deliverables, but typically, a full branding package with a website will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. We outline the due dates for ourselves in a contract when you sign up with us so you can always know when to be expecting things and stay in the loop!

We don't offer only a logo. There is so much more that goes into branding that you can't get with just a logo. We are here to set you up for success, and when you want to uplevel with branding you have to atleast book a full branding package with us. Your biz deserves to tell a full story not just a piece of it.

We are the girls who help you build your dream brand and attract clients the right way. Web design, branding, & More.