Pinterest isn't social media; It's a search engine..

Pinterest is literally meant to drive traffic to something specific of your choosing. Imagine a potential client adding to their elopement or wedding board and they scroll right over your pin.. They LOVE this pin and go "Wait, I can actually book this person? Ohhh yeah, lol. This is no joke.

Are you Ready to leverage the internet’s favorite inspo board to be your #1 driver of website traffic?

Pinterest & Blogging Education

This course is perfect for you if...

✓ You're ready to talk about your business on multiple platforms

✓ Your a photographer looking to get into more elopement work and travel the world

✓ You know your business deserves the best and you're ready for no BS education

Education / Mentorships

What's included and what do you go over?

Quite simply — everything when it comes to blogging and pinterest. We started teaching this course once we discovered the true secret sauce. One of our owners is also a photographer and once she started getting inquiries from pinterest and blogging is when we realize we had to help others do the same.  So we teach this over zoom.

- Why pinterest and blogging are important
- Step by step walkthrough on how to utilize Pinterest
- Step by step walkthrough on how to utilize blogging
- How to target your ideal clients
- SEO tactics

What's included / Topic breakdown:

You'll get off this course completely mind blown.

445 million people use pinterest every month.

Posts on pinterest have the longest lifespan.

it was created to drive traffic & MORE.

If driving more traffic to your business and website isn't something that has value to you, then this mentorship probably isn't for you. However, we have a feeling if you're reading this right now you're here because you want everything for your business, and you want to give it all it deserves. We've heard of courses that don't teach you anything and only tell you WHY you need to utilize it. With our Pinterest and blogging course it's no gimmicks, no bullshit. You'll learn everything you need to make your business MORE MONEY. Sound like something you're interested in? If so, inquire with us below.

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