Book your dream clients through seo blogging

If you're ready to see more exposure in your business with our seo blogging strategy, you've come to the right place. Our service is for you if you're looking for more inquiries from your dream clients in the most epic locations! We've been teaching seo blogging strategy for a long time now, and then we realized why not offer this as a service that way you can focus more on the things that make you happy. We always encourage outsourcing because you shouldn't have to do it all on your own.

We help wedding and elopement photographers attract their dream clients through seo marketing

Blogging services are perfect for you if you’re…

✓ Ready to start getting more inquiries from your dream clients

✓ Are an elopement/ wedding photographer

✓   Want more of your freedom back

✓ Want to rank higher on google

Blogging Services

What's included in blogging services?

Through intentional blogging strategy we'll be able to expand your businesses reach while you focus on the things you love. Brooke the co owner will be our blog expert, and you can feel safe with her as she's a photographer herself and knows exactly what your blogs need for the dream clients you're searching for.

- SEO analytics over each blog written by us
- 500 plus words per blog *this is based on blog topic*
- Expert assistance on choosing topics
- Back end set up to be readable by google
- Research for your blogs done by us
- tutorial on how to cross post your new blogs to pinterest

What's included:

If you're here it's because you're ready to get your business out there and you want to travel the world with your photography business.

We are the girls who help you build your dream brand and attract clients the right way. Web design, branding, & More.